Meet gypsyflair

Raised outside Memphis, Tennessee, Jeff and Austin Brady learned from an early age the roots of southern soul, gospel, and praise music. Watching their father sing in several choirs and perform around the region was not just a window but a stepping stone for singing in the name of the Lord. Their foray into gospel music seemed destined as well as divined.

While in high school, the Brady brothers struck up a bond with Trevor Booth, a fellow classmate and choir member. Looking ahead, the three began to write, rehearse, and perform. With the sacrificial blessings of their families, gypsyflair was born.

Experiencing Life
with Christian Music

Having performed together for more than 10 years, the trio is continually performing around the region and country. They are graced by fans and audiences, making them ever mindful of the power of the Lord and their path. And, while devoted and driven by their love for Jesus Christ, all of their inspiration comes straight from God.